Weekly Workout Recap #1

Trying something new here to keep up with my training… I’ll be posting a recap each week of my progress! Be sure to join up at Run Megan Run to play along!

Sunday | Cross

After Mass on Sunday, I tagged along with Jeff to the gym (because I’m a mooch and haven’t bought my own membership…) and fit in some easy walking and strength. Happy #legday! I’m trying to incorporate more weights, especially on my hips and lengths, to try and alleviate some of the knee/IT soreness I’ve been having.

Monday | 3 miles easy or rest

Yes, I made my own plan for this next half, which I’ll post below if you’re interested. I was definitely feeling up for running after skipping the weekend previous, but I’m still taking it slow so I don’t re-injure my knee.

3.13 miles; 31:03; 9:56 pace

Tuesday | 5 mile run

I went out around my rather hilly neighborhood for five at an easy pace (maybe too easy… oops).

5.00 miles; 51:33; 10:18 pace

Wednesday | 3 mile run + strength

I won’t lie, Wednesday runs are hard for me. It’s our faculty meeting day and usually I’m pretty drained by the time I get home. Luckily the weather last week was gorgeous and had me feeling motivated, so I was able to happily crank out some miles then meet Jeff at the gym for some core work. The best part? I realized after I had some really beautiful negative splits (10:10; 9:57; 9:52).

3 miles; 29:59; 9:59 pace

Thursday | 5 mile run

I ran early on Thursday, around 4:00 PM, and it was HOT. I’m thinking it’s about time to start running after dinner time, because I couldn’t finish all 5 on Thursday. I ended up running the first four and walking a half mile before calling it quits.

4.5 miles; 47:33; 10:34 pace 

Friday | Rest 

We were off of school for Good Friday, so I spent my “rest” day tackling wedding planning and house chores. Yippee for adulting!

Saturday | 8 miles

Thinking I would naturally wake up early like I’ve been doing lately, I didn’t set my alarm and woke up after a steady rain had begun. Taking the optimistic route, I waited to see if it would let up. It didn’t. Yay for long runs on the treadmill! Seriously, though, the worst. I did liven things up with Serial (Season 2, if you must know), and Ask Me Another because I am a huge nerd. Thankfully the gym wasn’t too packed, so there weren’t many witness of the nut on the treadmill giggling alone.

8 miles; 1:19:57; 10:00 pace

So, I ended up rounding out the week with a nice 23.5 miles, which I’m happy with. I haven’t gotten in that many miles since before the Augusta half, so I’m pleased. And as promised, the plan I came up with for the Aiken half next month. Obviously I’m no expert, so please do not heed this as Gospel. I’ve just found that this is what works for me. I did not include strength on this schedule, but I aim to do it on my cross days (Sundays) and one to two other days each week.

Aiken Half Marathon Training Plan

^^If you like the fonts used, I purchased them from Kimberly Geswein Fonts on Teachers Pay Teachers. She has the cutest ones around! I’m off to squeeze in some yoga (because that is going to count as cross for this week) before my *hopefully* 26-mile week.

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