Weekly Workout Recap No. 2

March 27-April 2(3?)


Happy Sunday! Click on over to Run Megan Run to join in the fun! I’m logging my weekly workouts to stay extra accountable with training and connect with other runners across the country!

Sunday | Cross

Jeff and I headed to 11:15 Mass on Easter, then worked on the yard for a while until it started to rain. We ended up having corned beef and cabbage (belated, due to working late on St. Patty’s) and watching Black Mass, which I have been wanting to see FOREVER. So, unless if stretching and yard work counts as cross, I’d call this a rest day. 🙂

Monday | 3 miles easy or rest

Again, opted to rest to play with our new lawn mower. Because we’re adults and these things are fun.

Tuesday | 5 mile run 

Making up for Sunday and Monday, I got in a little more than 5 miles around the neighborhood in some seriously fabulous weather. Taking two days of rest seemed to have a lovely impact on my pace, too! I was about 22 seconds faster on the second half.

5.3 miles; 50:03; 9:27/mile

Wednesday | 3 mile progressive run 

How much time has to pass between workouts to count as a two-a-day? For example… is five minutes enough? Just kidding, but I did end up heading out twice on Wednesday. I rocked out my 3 miles with splits at 9:08, 9:00, and 8:31. Then, Jeff’s new running watch arrived in the mail, so I headed out with him at an easy pace to try it out. Basically I felt like I should be in the Olympics by the time I got home.

Just kidding. Kind of.

3.01 miles; 26:51; 8:56 pace | 1.5 miles; 15:32; 10:17 pace

Thursday | 5 miles

I won’t lie, I was not feeling a run at all on Thursday. It was spring break eve (Can you tell I’m a teacher?), I had tons of laundry and packing to do, and Jeff and I were planning on a date night before I headed out of town to my mom’s. However, I knew I’d feel guilty skipping another day so I forced myself out of the house to fit in my miles.

5.0 miles; 49:14; 9:51 pace

Friday | Rest

Saturday | 10 miles

The weather was awful Friday and Saturday. I drove through rain the entire way down to my Mom’s in Hilton Head and it didn’t look much better on Saturday morning, so I decided to push my run back to Sunday. We went to 5:00 Mass and feasted on Greek food afterwards. I still wanted to fit in some miles, though, so clearly not thinking, I headed out about 10 minutes after getting home from dinner to avoid running in the dark. Oops. Never run on a stuffed stomach, my friends. It’s not cute. (PS-> I still ended up running in the dark).  I did, however, get to watch a beautiful sunset while I was busy crawling along, trying not to puke.

IMG_5658.JPG2.07 miles; 21:17; 10:17 pace 

Sunday | Cross

Yay for a gorgeous day! I didn’t see a single cloud the entire day and there was basically no humidity. My Mom, John, and I headed to Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge so I could get my run in somewhere scenic. We walked together for a little bit before I ran off (~LOL runner humor~).
FullSizeRender (39).jpg

I will say that this was

  1. the prettiest run I have ever been on
  2. the flattest run I’ve ever had
  3. my first trail run
  4. TRAIL RUNS ARE HARD. Even if they are flat.

Hopping over giant oak roots and avoiding rocks and sticks while also keeping an eye out for gators (they’re plentiful down here!) definitely slowed me down, but this was one of the most enjoyable runs I’ve had.

FullSizeRender (41).jpg

I did have to make a potty break in the woods which was a first for me. It was lovely. I read online that this place is crawling with gators so I was terrified the entire time of getting pulled into the marsh bottom-first while innocently taking a pit stop. #trailrunningproblems. I also got a horrible knee cramp (is that a thing?) at around mile 7 and had to stop to stretch, but by mile 8 I was feeling ducky again and was able to pick up the pace a little bit. Overall, it was an excellent long run day and made me a lot more excited for my trail race (5k) in a couple weeks!

FullSizeRender (40).jpg

If you are ever in the Hilton Head area and looking for a place to run, walk, or bike, I would highly recommend Pinckney Island. I took this picture at Bull Point, about 2.5 miles from the parking lot. The whole island was incredibly clean and the trails were well-maintained without feeling commercialized. I wanted to do a 7.5 mile out-and-back to a beach on one end of the island, but parts of the trail were closed, so I ended up exploring a bunch of shorter trails, both gravel and grass. There were a good number of people out and about, but I was mostly alone to think and take it all in. I definitely will be returning here in the future!

I’m not sure if I should count my 10 in my miles from last week, but I still plan on sticking to 12 next Saturday, so I’ll just go ahead and add them in for a grand total of 26.8 miles this week! Here is to making progress one week at a time.

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