Five for Friday!

New to Five for Friday? Doodle Bugs has the scoop! But for now, here’s my five from this week.


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In case you missed it earlier this week, I made a patriotic tutu for the Peachtree. I found some on Etsy that were really cute, but I was worried about them not having a sufficient amount of “pouf” by the time they arrived in the mail. Plus, any excuse to visit Hobby Lobby is a good excuse for a little DIY. After some quick clicking around on Pinterest [maybe not so quick…oops], I found an excellent tutorial here. It cost me around $15 for all of the supplies, thanks to ribbon and elastic being on sale and my 40% off coupon (they’re available every week here! The only problem I encountered was that mine was a bit big in the waist, which wouldn’t have really been a problem if it didn’t rain. I made mine with a ribbon tie, so I’d recommend cutting off closer to five inches of the elastic after you measure your waist if you choose to use ribbon as well.


Minions-Film THE MINIONS MOVIE.  Can you imagine how much more fun life would be with minions? They could grade papers, organize my 342 plastic storage bins, sharpen the never-empty dull pencil jar, and provide comic relief in any and all circumstances. I love minions so much, Jaime and I dressed as them for our last Halloween in college. That’s love right there.


Summer Reading

I just finished Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, and while I didn’t speed through it as quickly as I did her other novels, I still quite enjoyed it. In fact, while finding the link for the book, I stumbled upon some exciting news. HBO will be producing a small-screen adaptation of the novel starring Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. You can find all the details here. I always feel a weird sense of pride when a book I’ve read is made into a movie (or in this case, show). Now I just need to get HBO…


Teaching Spirit Animal Quiz

Have you visited Love, Teach? If not, you’re missing out. She’s got an incredible sense of humor and reading her blog is like having a hilarious best friend. Anyway, she’s got a new quiz on Buzzfeed: What is your teaching spirit animal? Note: you may not be familiar with some of the results. For example…. I got blobfish.


My Sister’s Baby Shower

One of my older sisters, Laura, is due to have her first baby this September. This weekend, we will be celebrating Baby (name hasn’t been revealed yet! 🙂 ) with a Baby-Q! Get it? Like BBQ? I love plays on words, so I got probably too excited when I saw the cute invites, but I am SO excited to celebrate this super-exciting chapter for our family! This is the first baby of our next generation!

Catch you on the flip side!

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