Totally Free Tuesday, Meet Makeover Madness

Totally Free Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Totally Free Tuesday is colliding with Makeover Madness today to bring you a very special, limited-time only offer!

Chevron Cover 2

I could have done this clip chart’s makeover and created a new freebie, but let’s be real here. There’s only three precious weeks left before school starts back up, and I’d like to maximize my pool time. This bundle includes:

  • Clip chart with seven sections
  • Weekly Behavior Log
  • Better Choice Form
  • Superstar Status Certificate

This bundle is typically priced at $3.00, but I’ll be giving it away TODAY ONLY for FREE! All I ask is that you please rate it so I can better my future products!

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Monday’s Makeover Madness

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend.

Makeover Madness continues on this incredibly sweltering Monday morning (soaring over 100 degrees today!) with a clip-chart! Previously, I had one chevron clip chart in my store with no other supporting documents or forms to send home. Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, I’m making over the chevron clip chart and also adding two new ones: polka dots and stripes.

My polka dot clip chart bundle is up and ready for downloading! It includes eight sections:

  • Superstar Status!
  • Great Job!
  • Good Choices!
  • Ready to Learn
  • Think About It
  • Teacher’s Choice
  • Parent Contact

Following the clip chart printables, you’ll also find three forms for parent communication:

  • Weekly Behavior Log with place for teacher notes and parent/guardian signature
  • Better Choice Form for thinking about hurtful choices and future improvements
  • Superstar Status Certificate to recognize students who have made excellent choices to help others

It’s all available at my store!

Polka Dot Clip Chart


  • What’s your favorite way to stay cool on these dog days of summer?
  • Do you use a clip chart? If not, tell us about your behavior management plan!

Five for Friday + FREEBIES!

Five for Friday Header

It’s that time of the week again! I’m 90% positive that my Five for Fridays will continue to revolve around food, reading, and my dog until school starts back up and I have a life with responsibilities again. Before we get started, if you haven’t a clue about what a linky party/Five for Friday is, click here.


Summer Salad Summer Salad

Raise your hand if you feel like cooking on the stove or in the oven during the summer… Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Nope, me neither. I found this recipe on PopSugar and oh my goodness. It’s delicious and definitely fills you up. It also makes A TON of salad, so it could work for a backyard barbecue or for some make-ahead meal prepping. I modified the recipe slightly and used corn off the cob and fatboy tomatoes from Jeff’s Dad’s garden, and instead of squeezing a lime, I drizzled Newman’s Own Lime Vinaigrette dressing over it. I bet you could also throw in some grilled chicken or shrimp to make it even heartier as a main dish.



She’s a strange dog. I don’t really have much else to say about her besides that she makes me laugh.


Summer Reading

I just dove into Mary Kubica’s book The Good Girl after seeing Kristin at A Teeny Tiny Teacher mention it. While I’m only a few chapters into it as of right now, it’s pretty engrossing. I think if you’re a fan of Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train, you’ll like this one. The best part is that since it’s not a new release, I wasn’t waitlisted at the library (because libraries are wonderful and yes I do utilize mine regularly).


The Ladies at my Church

While at the pool earlier this summer, I got to talking with one of my neighbors and learned that she is a retired teacher and attends my Church. We talked for a while about teaching, and I told her about how I’m starting in a new state and new grade this year. She pounced on that and asked me for my supply list so she can buy things for my classroom! She’s now gotten several other women at our parish involved, so it’s pretty much Christmas in July over here. 🙂 Thank you, kind Church Ladies!


Makeover Madness, Day Three

I finally got started on the whole Makeover Madness thing this week (yes, I’m aware I’m way late). Missed the previous makeovers? Here they are!

Plurals IHWH

Word Wall Headers-Yellow

Today, I bring you not one, but THREE made-over products. Click the previews below to access them in my store!

Passes Cover


Scripture Cover

Sound Check Cover


Be sure to grab your freebies today, and leave your feedback for TpT credits!

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Makeover Madness: Day 2

Ready for Round 2? I sure am! Today I re-made my word wall letter headers, which previously lacked flavor and pop. They are now available in pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, and green for only $1.00 a package! Buy one set for a color-coordinate word wall, or buy any combination for a multi-colored display!

Word Wall Headers-Yellow

Above is a preview of my Word Wall Letter Headers: Yellow package. Click here to view all the options available!

What’s next on the makeover agenda? My student passes, scripture posters, and sound check files!

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Makeover Madness: Day 1

Happy Hump Day!

Before I start making new products for my store (aside from my freebies for Totally Free Tuesday), I’m going to be giving my older products a much-needed facelift. When I created these older products, I used Microsoft Word, which was an absolute nightmare for manipulating graphics. I’ve since entered the beautiful world of Microsoft PowerPoint, thanks to some great tutorials:

Ladybugs Teacher Files: compilation of video tutorials for making products in PowerPoint and using threaded comments

Mrs. Stanford’s Class: saving and protecting PDF files (Mac)

The 3 AM Teacher: flattening and securing PDF files (Windows)

The 3 AM Teacher: clipart and fonts etiquette

If you’re looking for inspiration to get started on TpT, I highly recommend referencing these sites! I used to think that just saving my file as a PDF automatically protected the graphics in it, but I was quite incorrect. Luckily, it was very simple to learn how to lock everything down in order to avoid thievery and copyright problems.

Now, back to the makeovers (always fun!). I decided to start with my Plurals I Have, Who Has game that I uploaded a while back. It had an embarrassing typo in it, each card printed as an entire page unless you used thumbnail print settings, and it just wasn’t very visually appealing, as you can see in an example of one of the cards:

Plurals IHWH: Before

The product got a total overhaul and looks SO. MUCH. BETTER. Thank you, PowerPoint! Interested in downloading it? Click the preview below to head to its product listing in my store!
Plurals IHWH: After

Now, some of you may be wondering: What in the world is I Have, Who Has? IHWH is a whole-group game where each student gets at least one card (depending on your class size, some students may get more cards). The game starts with the student holding the first card. The “Who has” part is where the academic question comes in. The “I have” is the answer to the question. Students simply read their card when they hear the question that their answer matches to. I love using IHWH because every time we play, it’s a different game. It’s a great time-filler for when you have an extra five minutes before your scheduled lunch because it keeps kids engaged and lets them have a little fun!

Get your game today!

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Dare to Dream


I know I’m a little late to the game, but I’m joining the Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Challenge. I missed week one (Makeover Madness), but I’m planning on backtracking to give some products a much-needed makeover. In the meantime, though, here are five pretty sizeable dreams I have. It was tricky to type up this post, because it’s easy to feel like your dreams are too big, too outlandish, too expensive. When we’re young, though, we’re encouraged to dream big. How can I instill this in my students if I’m not willing to dream big myself? That being said, here are five things I would love to see come from my TpT business.

Grad School

I’m a nerd. I love school, not just as a teacher, but also as a student. Reading to learn, debating ideas, and solving problems makes my heart happy. Furthering my education is a priority for me, but so is staying debt-free.  Hopefully, I can earn a little extra side income to help put me through graduate school so I can better serve my kiddos!


Yeah, this isn’t glamorous. At all. But you know what is glamorous? Having a comfortable retirement. It feels good each month to put a little bit towards my future self; sort of like a care package! Sometimes it means having to sacrifice fun outings, weekend trips, or a rotating door on my wardrobe, but it’ll pay off in the long run.

Dream Trip: Scandinavia

True life: I have a travel bug. I had an amazing study abroad experience in college; it was the first time I really ventured out on my own. It was also my first time visiting Europe. Next on my travel bucket list is Scandinavia. I think my fascination with it dates back to my American Girl doll. Remember them?! I was a Kirsten girl (good pick, Mom and Dad).

Cozy [New] Home

Note I did not say “buy a house” because I am nowhere near ready for that. However, I am ready to get out of my apartment and into a house. I know Molly, my dog, is in agreement with this. I was very fortunate to be gifted with some beautiful hand-me-down furniture, but I want to be able to update some of my pieces to more reflect my style and space.

Lasik Surgery

This is a long shot, but my fellow visually challenged people have got to know where I’m coming from. I’ve worn glasses since I was 12 and contact lenses since I was 14. My eyes are so sensitive and swimming, long road trips, and looking at computer screens can easily turn into a nasty burnfest. I can’t remember what it’s like to be able to wake up in the morning and clearly see my surroundings.

Those are my dreams in a nutshell! You can access more information about the Sellers Challenge here