Totally Free Tuesday

Totally Free Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! The thought that tomorrow is hump day and the week half-over is lovely. This Tuesday I’m bringing to you a new product: my Writing Assessment Bundle for the Primary Grades. I talked last Friday on the blog about how intimidated I was by planning writing lessons for my grade level this quarter. After sitting down with the standards and district pacing guides and perusing the teacher blogosphere, I dove into it headlong and haven’t looked back since. My class’ motivation is my motivation here. šŸ™‚ Each week, we delve into a new writing project. The first two weeks of school were devoted to creating biography class books about different students in our class. This week, we jumped into our first big project. After readingĀ The Apple Pie TreeĀ by Zoe Hall, we are working to write five steps for making apple pie. Each student will then make a mini-book with step-by-step directions. My hope is that on Friday (Grandparents’ Day!), we will be able to make our own apple pie. I still need to check if I can bring in my toaster oven for the project. Fingers are crossed! I know the project would bring writing, science, and math to life for the kiddos, so hopefully I can get the go-ahead.

Anyway, back to the (rather fast) evolution of this bundle. I needed a way to assess the students’ writing in a developmentally appropriate way that can play to each child’s strengths. At our school, first grade is the first year with numerical grades, and I didn’t want to use a rubric with a confusing format or weights that pretty much guarantee failure for the typical six-year-old. I also needed a quick conventions checklist to use for our SLO (Student Learning Objective) required by the district. Thinking I’d just go ahead and use what I had already created to develop checklists for use throughout the year, I made a list of the major writing projects primary students encounter. And that is what brings my bundle to you!

Writing Rubrics Cover

The bundle includes checklists for the following projects:

  • How-to
  • Persuasive/opinion
  • Personal narrative
  • Story
  • Informative

Each form also includes a student self-reflection. The bundle has a printer-friendly format of just student reflection sheets as well as a more broad conventions checklist for use across the curriculum. Also, you’ll find two checklists for each project. The first of each is for writing booklets of 1-3 sentences per page. The second is for all other projects.

Please download the product TODAY–it might not be free forever!–and please, please leave feedback so I can learn how to better serve my customers!

And remember what tomorrow is….

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