Weekly Wrap No.5


Hello, friends! I’m linking up over at Mississippi Piddlin and HoHo Runs to recap week one of PEACHTREE training! It’s crazy to think that the 4th is only 8 weeks out, but here we are already!

I am LOOSELY following Nike+ Running’s Intermediate 10K coach program. I say loosely because I’m awkwardly in between the intermediate and advanced plans, mileage-wise. I didn’t want to jump into the advanced one and burn out, so I decided to try the intermediate one and really focus on speed work this summer.

May 9-14

Monday | No plan?!

Monday was the day before my plan officially started, and conveniently Aiken’s monthly Sole Sisters meeting! I was so happy to finally be able to meet up after joining the Facebook group a couple months ago. We got in almost 4 easy miles alternating running and walking. It was the perfect way to jump back into running after Run United. After we finished, we headed to Maria’s, a local Mexican restaurant. Cheers!

3.66 miles; 45:52; 12:32 pace 

Tuesday | Rest

You guessed it! Tuesday was consumed with yard jobs and more wedding planning. I lead an exciting life, my friends.

Wednesday | Speed Work


On the agenda for today was my first speedy day (and, coincidentally, the first day of training). I headed to one of Aiken’s running tracks and did a one-mile warm-up followed by 2.5 miles of fartleks and a .5 of easy running. Despite the INSANE HEAT (although this is nothing compared to how it will be in a few weeks), I was really pleased with my pace. I alternated two minutes harder with two minutes easier. My harder paces hovered between about 7:50-8:30, with my final one averaging around 7:20. Score! It was tough but gratifying to see some good pick-ups, especially towards the end.

4.00 miles; 38:02; 9:30 pace

Thursday | 3 miles easy

After a minor wedding-planning-fueled meltdown, I headed to the track for some easy miles. I was truly running off the crazy. There is nothing that some sweat and take-out sushi can’t fix.

3.12 miles; 30:31; 9:52 pace

Friday | Cross

After work Friday, Jeff and I hustled over to the gym and I hopped on the indoor bike. That was victory number one. Historically I have skipped my cross days, then felt guilty, and then continued to skip. Resolution #1 this training cycle: speedwork. Resolution #2: cross train (including STRENGTH). I meant to snap a picture of my stats when I finished my bike ride, but we were trying to hurry to head down to an Augusta Green Jackets game, so I immediately grabbed some water and fit in about 10 minutes of core work.



Still a win! It was great to get in something besides running for the first time in a long time.

10.00 mile bike ride; core work

Saturday | 3 miles

I was wanting to do something a little different than road running, so I took my run to Hitchcock Woods around 10:00 on Saturday morning.


I’m sure I’ve mentioned the woods on here before, but I’ll say it again. They are AWESOME. With 70 miles of trails spread amongst 2,100 acres, it’s paradise for hikers, equestrians, and the occasionally nutty trail runner. I probably saw around a dozen people out riding in the FABULOUS weather. While the trails are nicely shaded, they are mostly soft sand, so running in there is tough. Luckily the views and friendly faces make the going easier. My favorite thing about the woods is that I have never felt unsafe in there and they are extremely clean. I love that they’re smack in the middle of downtown Aiken, but you feel like you’re miles from everything. I still have a ton of trails left to explore in there!


I ended up stretching my run to 5 easy miles to make my time on the trails worth it, which was smart, since later that night we went to The Big Mo, a delightfully retro and quaint drive-in about 30 minutes away. And, of course, you can’t go to the drive-in without….


FUNNEL CAKE! That bad boy only cost me $2.50 and I don’t want to know how many calories. Seriously, though, for $8.00, you get to see a double-feature of current movies (we saw Captain America: Civil War and Jungle Book) and you can bring blankets and not get weird looks from strangers! It’s a win-win.

5.00 miles; 1:00:11; 12:02 pace <— forgot to pause watch when yielding to horsies. Oops!

All around, it was a pretty great week running-wise. This week I’m sticking-ish to my plan but will be participating in Aiken’s Triple Crown Road Race (a 10-miler). I say participating and not racing because I do not plan on killing myself trying to be fast (fast for me, at least) on what I’m assuming will be a hot and humid morning. Instead, this will just be an extra-fun training run that happens to include bling at the end. Yay!

On another note… today marks ONE MORE MONDAY in the school year and only 12 days left with my munchkins. I will miss those sweet faces, but SAYONARA, FIVE AM WAKE-UPS! Or, more accurately, five-AM work wake-ups… But I’m not thinking about that right now. 🙂

Total mileage for the week – 20 miles


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Five for Friday!

New to Five for Friday? Doodle Bugs has the scoop! But for now, here’s my five from this week.


FullSizeRender (10)

In case you missed it earlier this week, I made a patriotic tutu for the Peachtree. I found some on Etsy that were really cute, but I was worried about them not having a sufficient amount of “pouf” by the time they arrived in the mail. Plus, any excuse to visit Hobby Lobby is a good excuse for a little DIY. After some quick clicking around on Pinterest [maybe not so quick…oops], I found an excellent tutorial here. It cost me around $15 for all of the supplies, thanks to ribbon and elastic being on sale and my 40% off coupon (they’re available every week here! The only problem I encountered was that mine was a bit big in the waist, which wouldn’t have really been a problem if it didn’t rain. I made mine with a ribbon tie, so I’d recommend cutting off closer to five inches of the elastic after you measure your waist if you choose to use ribbon as well.


Minions-Film THE MINIONS MOVIE.  Can you imagine how much more fun life would be with minions? They could grade papers, organize my 342 plastic storage bins, sharpen the never-empty dull pencil jar, and provide comic relief in any and all circumstances. I love minions so much, Jaime and I dressed as them for our last Halloween in college. That’s love right there.


Summer Reading

I just finished Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, and while I didn’t speed through it as quickly as I did her other novels, I still quite enjoyed it. In fact, while finding the link for the book, I stumbled upon some exciting news. HBO will be producing a small-screen adaptation of the novel starring Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. You can find all the details here. I always feel a weird sense of pride when a book I’ve read is made into a movie (or in this case, show). Now I just need to get HBO…


Teaching Spirit Animal Quiz

Have you visited Love, Teach? If not, you’re missing out. She’s got an incredible sense of humor and reading her blog is like having a hilarious best friend. Anyway, she’s got a new quiz on Buzzfeed: What is your teaching spirit animal? Note: you may not be familiar with some of the results. For example…. I got blobfish.


My Sister’s Baby Shower

One of my older sisters, Laura, is due to have her first baby this September. This weekend, we will be celebrating Baby (name hasn’t been revealed yet! 🙂 ) with a Baby-Q! Get it? Like BBQ? I love plays on words, so I got probably too excited when I saw the cute invites, but I am SO excited to celebrate this super-exciting chapter for our family! This is the first baby of our next generation!

Catch you on the flip side!

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Catching Up

Whew! It’s been a while. After I visited my mother’s house, it was time for vacation!

Cape San Blas Beach Trip

Jeff’s family rents a beach house every summer for a week-long trip of rest and relaxation. This was the first time I got to go on the trip, and it was a fabulous time! We stayed on Cape San Blas, lovingly called The Forgotten Coast. It’s on Florida’s Gulf Coast, and is far from a tourist trap (which I love!). Our week was pretty laid back and consisted mostly of soaking up some sun, exploring the peninsula, wrapping up our last week of Peachtree training… and pigging out. 🙂

IMG_0267Turtle patrol was out in full force each night!


We had a great view of the sunset every night from our porch, but this one was by far the most magnificent.


We got this (rather windy) picture before heading out for seafood one night.



Until next summer!

Fourth of July

Incredibly, and impressively, we actually stuck to our last week of training for the Peachtree Road Race while at the beach. Running in the crazy humidity was tough, but it made us feel more than prepared for Atlanta’s weather. Or, what the weather was originally forecasted as: low 70s and a very small chance of showers. We left the beFullSizeRender (8)ach Friday and stayed with an old college friend, Ted, Friday night. We were able to meet up with Jaime and Nico, also friends from college, for the Expo on Friday night. We picked up our bibs and checked out some of the vendors before heading home to prepare for the next morning.

Saturday morning, I woke up and heard something outside that I wasn’t anticipating… rain. Lots of rain. Our team was split between different waves, but due to wanting to sleep in/crazy traffic, we elected to all run in Wave Y (which my slow self was stuck in anyway). We thought the rain would probably let up by our 9:05 start time… we were wrong. We ended up having to wait in the Phipps Plaza parking deck while some thunder and lightning passed over, and our wave didn’t get started until around 9:45. In the meantime, I organized forced everyone into getting some wet group pictures, which I don’t feel like spending $467884 to buy the rights to, so on Marathon Foto they stay.

FullSizeRender (6)IMG_4672

Jaime, my Little, Alexis, Nico and I stayed together for about the first 2 miles or so, which was a feat because we’re talking about a race that had 54,000 runners in 25 waves. Since we were in the last wave, we had to dodge walkers, which kept us from zoning out too much. The first two miles were on a pretty strong downhill incline, which I’m not accustomed to running on. I got a cramp (of course the first time I’ve gotten one while running) around the second mile in, and stopped to try and find Jeff to run together. I’m kicking myself over this now because it really messed up my time and I couldn’t find him anyway. Note to self: figure out how to prevent cramping next time. After stopping for what was probably close to 3 minutes, I gave up and got started again, separated from the rest of the group. It took me around half a mile or so to get back in the flow, and I ended up ditching my earbuds.

The excitement of the race was much more motivating than the playlist I had made, and I quickly found my way to the uphill portion of the course. I had heard that Cardiac Hill was a nearly impossible doozy to run, and maybe the weather was in my favor on this one, but I didn’t need to stop or slow the rest of the way. Miraculously, I found Jaime and Nico around mile 5.5, then sprinted the last quarter mile or so into a ridiculously muddy Piedmont Park. I ended up finishing five minutes over my goal time of 1 hour, and I know it was because I didn’t just power through that cramp. At least now I can only improve next year!

FullSizeRender (9)

That tutu definitely made my day, despite the rain. And my Batman.

Questions (Reply in comments!) 

  • Are you a runner? Any tips for preventing cramps or powering through them?
  • Take your pick: run in rain or run in heat?