Operation: Apple and Other News

HAPPY FRIDAY! Why is it that the short weeks always seem the longest? I’m not sure, but I’m actually looking forward to being back to our regular schedule next week!

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Fantasy Football

Okay. I’ll admit it. I got suckered into doing a fantasy football league this year. Jeff and I have played in a three-strike pool for the past three years where you pick a team each week that you think will win. Three strikes and you’re out, and you can’t repeat any teams. It’s pretty fun when you aren’t kicked out in week three (true story last year). We’re continuing that again this season, but Jeff also is organizing a fantasy football league among some friends. Our draft was Monday night and my team is…. questionable. But hey, I got the one and only Jameis Winston, so obviously we’re going to win the World Series. Or whatever. 🙂


Apples, Apples, Apples. Every, Every, Everywhere. 

My classroom has been completely overrun by apples and apple paraphernalia. Red apples. Green apples. Yellow apples. Yellowish-reddish apples. Galas. Granny Smiths. MacIntosh. Washingtons. Red Delicious. Yellow Delicious. Apple sauce. Apple pie. Apple writing. Apple graphing. I could go on in a Bubba-inspired tangent while scrubbing floors with a toothbrush (if you don’t understand this reference, please find yourself a copy of Forrest Gump and do not return to my page until you have finished the movie), but I think you are probably picking up what I’m laying down. The apple-pinspired craze has struck room 207. And I’m completely okay with it.


Actually running again!

So, about this running thing. I have a confession. I ran two times between July 4 (the Peachtree) and August 22. TWO. TIMES. That schedule I made and posted on here? It was about as useful as one-ply tissues. So, needless to say, on August 22, when I was supposed to have built a “training base” of running 7 miles for my long runs, I was wheezing after 2 miles. Thankfully I’m bouncing back pretty quickly, though, and it is feeling wonderful to be on the move and clear my head. It doesn’t hurt that I can feel it cooling off a teensy tiny bit outside!


Classroom Guardian Angels (AKA Grandmas) 

Two weeks ago, our school had a cookout open-house and one of my students’ grandmothers came in asking if I could use a volunteer. I about keeled over in sheer joy. Several other first-grade teachers have foster grandmothers through a local program, but since I came in late in the game, I missed the registration (which I still picture as a cutthroat race-to-the-grandma event). Every time I looked at my 765 feet of lamination to cut, sight words to quiz, and activity supplies to organize, I got slightly choked up thinking about how I could use some wise words of comfort and a set of well-practiced hands. So, Nana entered our lives this week and SHE. IS. AWESOME. From crowd control to pulling small groups to just having another adult in my proximity to maintain sanity, she has already made such a difference in our classroom. I am so incredibly thankful for her (especially during Operation: Apple).


Parent Newsletters

When I started student teaching, my supervisor required me to type up a weekly newsletter to post online every Friday for the upcoming week. At first, I was skeptical, but I quickly became a convert and uploaded that thing religiously. I have continued having parent newsletters through the past two years, posting them online and also sending them home every Monday. I have found newsletters especially useful this year in first grade, where some of the munchkins’ handwriting in their agendas is still a bit…wavy. A simple one-page write-up can prevent so many miscommunication problems! It’s definitely worth the extra ten minutes on my Friday to fire it off, but now it can be even easier! As promised last week… Introducing my first newsletter template, geared toward August and September!

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It comes in an editable PowerPoint file with an example of how I use it in my classroom. I’ll be uploading more templates geared toward each month, and I’ll also create a bundle of all the months once I’ve finished. For now, you can grab you August-September template here for only $1.50!


  • Do you play fantasy football? Got any good tips for a clueless newbie such as myself?
  • What’s your go-to parent communication tool?
  • Does your district have any type of foster grandparent program?

Happy weekend! I’m looking forward to hearing your responses below!

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