Makeover Madness: Day 2

Ready for Round 2? I sure am! Today I re-made my word wall letter headers, which previously lacked flavor and pop. They are now available in pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, and green for only $1.00 a package! Buy one set for a color-coordinate word wall, or buy any combination for a multi-colored display!

Word Wall Headers-Yellow

Above is a preview of my Word Wall Letter Headers: Yellow package. Click here to view all the options available!

What’s next on the makeover agenda? My student passes, scripture posters, and sound check files!

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Makeover Madness: Day 1

Happy Hump Day!

Before I start making new products for my store (aside from my freebies for Totally Free Tuesday), I’m going to be giving my older products a much-needed facelift. When I created these older products, I used Microsoft Word, which was an absolute nightmare for manipulating graphics. I’ve since entered the beautiful world of Microsoft PowerPoint, thanks to some great tutorials:

Ladybugs Teacher Files: compilation of video tutorials for making products in PowerPoint and using threaded comments

Mrs. Stanford’s Class: saving and protecting PDF files (Mac)

The 3 AM Teacher: flattening and securing PDF files (Windows)

The 3 AM Teacher: clipart and fonts etiquette

If you’re looking for inspiration to get started on TpT, I highly recommend referencing these sites! I used to think that just saving my file as a PDF automatically protected the graphics in it, but I was quite incorrect. Luckily, it was very simple to learn how to lock everything down in order to avoid thievery and copyright problems.

Now, back to the makeovers (always fun!). I decided to start with my Plurals I Have, Who Has game that I uploaded a while back. It had an embarrassing typo in it, each card printed as an entire page unless you used thumbnail print settings, and it just wasn’t very visually appealing, as you can see in an example of one of the cards:

Plurals IHWH: Before

The product got a total overhaul and looks SO. MUCH. BETTER. Thank you, PowerPoint! Interested in downloading it? Click the preview below to head to its product listing in my store!
Plurals IHWH: After

Now, some of you may be wondering: What in the world is I Have, Who Has? IHWH is a whole-group game where each student gets at least one card (depending on your class size, some students may get more cards). The game starts with the student holding the first card. The “Who has” part is where the academic question comes in. The “I have” is the answer to the question. Students simply read their card when they hear the question that their answer matches to. I love using IHWH because every time we play, it’s a different game. It’s a great time-filler for when you have an extra five minutes before your scheduled lunch because it keeps kids engaged and lets them have a little fun!

Get your game today!

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