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Fridays are for treats, jeans, and linky parties! Let’s go!


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Photoshoots with Molly

This dog. There were about ten more failed selfie attempts than just the ones I posted. She honestly looks like a Dementor in the first one. Apparently I taste delicious after a run? And apparently she just likes posing solo because I soon as I gave up on the selfie idea, she set herself up all nice and pretty.


Planning Writing Lessons

I won’t lie, when I elected to plan writing for the grade level at the beginning of the year, I was slightly terrified. I assumed that my firsties wouldn’t be able to write much more than a few words, but they have taken me by the most wonderful surprise. They are so amazingly motivated to write! When I taught third grade, the students seemed to have a lot less intrinsic drive to write and it could be hard to get them to. I’m finding that my babies take an idea and run with it, even those who can’t quite form all of their letters yet. I use a highlighter to write what they dictate and they trace over it. I realize this is definitely not a new idea, but it’s new to me and I LOVE IT! Hopefully we can wean ourselves off the highlighters soon!


Finally Feeling Organized

I feel like I hit my rhythm this week. I haven’t been having to get to school quite so early and I haven’t been having to stay quite so late. The kiddos are also finally starting to move through transitions and assignments a bit more quickly (small victories)! The loveliest thing, though, is that I actually put file folders in my file cabinet. Yes. I know. I am an organization genie. Really though, I was just tossing extra papers and master copies in a cabinet because I didn’t have the brainpower or energy to organize them all, but this week I finally gathered the courage to set up big folders and subfolders. I also made tubs for each math area to hold ready-to-go centers. It’s the little things.


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Finally Owning Real Boots

As a girl who isn’t originally from the South, I have never owned “true” cowboy boots. I actually had a white pair with pink glittery stars that I was literally obsessed with in pre-school. As in, I wore those babies to bed. School. Playing. Everywhere. In Massachusetts. Then I got a cheapo pair later that I completely regret ever wearing. Then I found these bad boys online from Durango Boots. And yes, I bargain hunted. They were already on sale and I also found a promo code. 😉



It’s finally September. Football has begun and it should “only” be in the mid-80s this weekend. YES! Also, Labor Day weekend, anyone? Happy Friday!

Coming Soon: I’ve been trying to work on my TpT store this week to create some new products. Up first will be editable monthly newsletter templates! They’ll be available by the month or as a bundle once I finish them all. Stay tuned!

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