Catching Up

Whew! It’s been a while. After I visited my mother’s house, it was time for vacation!

Cape San Blas Beach Trip

Jeff’s family rents a beach house every summer for a week-long trip of rest and relaxation. This was the first time I got to go on the trip, and it was a fabulous time! We stayed on Cape San Blas, lovingly called The Forgotten Coast. It’s on Florida’s Gulf Coast, and is far from a tourist trap (which I love!). Our week was pretty laid back and consisted mostly of soaking up some sun, exploring the peninsula, wrapping up our last week of Peachtree training… and pigging out. 🙂

IMG_0267Turtle patrol was out in full force each night!


We had a great view of the sunset every night from our porch, but this one was by far the most magnificent.


We got this (rather windy) picture before heading out for seafood one night.



Until next summer!

Fourth of July

Incredibly, and impressively, we actually stuck to our last week of training for the Peachtree Road Race while at the beach. Running in the crazy humidity was tough, but it made us feel more than prepared for Atlanta’s weather. Or, what the weather was originally forecasted as: low 70s and a very small chance of showers. We left the beFullSizeRender (8)ach Friday and stayed with an old college friend, Ted, Friday night. We were able to meet up with Jaime and Nico, also friends from college, for the Expo on Friday night. We picked up our bibs and checked out some of the vendors before heading home to prepare for the next morning.

Saturday morning, I woke up and heard something outside that I wasn’t anticipating… rain. Lots of rain. Our team was split between different waves, but due to wanting to sleep in/crazy traffic, we elected to all run in Wave Y (which my slow self was stuck in anyway). We thought the rain would probably let up by our 9:05 start time… we were wrong. We ended up having to wait in the Phipps Plaza parking deck while some thunder and lightning passed over, and our wave didn’t get started until around 9:45. In the meantime, I organized forced everyone into getting some wet group pictures, which I don’t feel like spending $467884 to buy the rights to, so on Marathon Foto they stay.

FullSizeRender (6)IMG_4672

Jaime, my Little, Alexis, Nico and I stayed together for about the first 2 miles or so, which was a feat because we’re talking about a race that had 54,000 runners in 25 waves. Since we were in the last wave, we had to dodge walkers, which kept us from zoning out too much. The first two miles were on a pretty strong downhill incline, which I’m not accustomed to running on. I got a cramp (of course the first time I’ve gotten one while running) around the second mile in, and stopped to try and find Jeff to run together. I’m kicking myself over this now because it really messed up my time and I couldn’t find him anyway. Note to self: figure out how to prevent cramping next time. After stopping for what was probably close to 3 minutes, I gave up and got started again, separated from the rest of the group. It took me around half a mile or so to get back in the flow, and I ended up ditching my earbuds.

The excitement of the race was much more motivating than the playlist I had made, and I quickly found my way to the uphill portion of the course. I had heard that Cardiac Hill was a nearly impossible doozy to run, and maybe the weather was in my favor on this one, but I didn’t need to stop or slow the rest of the way. Miraculously, I found Jaime and Nico around mile 5.5, then sprinted the last quarter mile or so into a ridiculously muddy Piedmont Park. I ended up finishing five minutes over my goal time of 1 hour, and I know it was because I didn’t just power through that cramp. At least now I can only improve next year!

FullSizeRender (9)

That tutu definitely made my day, despite the rain. And my Batman.

Questions (Reply in comments!) 

  • Are you a runner? Any tips for preventing cramps or powering through them?
  • Take your pick: run in rain or run in heat?