Welcome to The Planning Fairy!

About the Blog

The Planning Fairy originally started as This Teacher Travels, a blog I created in early 2014 to document my study abroad adventures. After returning home, I graduated college, got my first teaching job, and quickly fell off the map.


If you followed This Teacher Travels, you’ll recognize this!

Fast forward to June 2015. I finished my first year of teaching, and after taking a few weeks to rest and recharge, I tackled revitalizing my blog and Teachers Pay Teachers store. It’s all a work in progress, but I’m excited to see where it goes!

Here you’ll find a good deal of articles about my classroom practices and store products, but I have a myriad of interests outside of little people (sorry kiddos!). I’ll also be tracking my journey as a beginning runner, my neurotic dog, Molly, and my travel adventures.

She'd be upset if she weren't included here.

She’d be upset if she weren’t included here.

About the Blogger

I currently live and teach first grade in South Carolina. This will be my second year of teaching, but my first year in a public school. I spent my first year of teaching as a third-grade educator in a Catholic school in Georgia. I’m looking forward to this new start in a new state and new environment!


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