Slacking, Streaking, and Other Summery Notions

Hello, friends! I’m linking up this week over at  Mississippi Piddlin and HoHo Runs to recap my week of slightly guilt-inducing, quite blissful slacking. 🙂 Click the photo to join in the fun!


Sunday | May 22

I woke up the morning after my ten-miler race feeling pretty great, considering I had run my booty off the morning before. We spent the rest of the day after the race running some wedding-related errands and walking around the neighborhood with the dogs, so I think that helped keep me loosened up. Either that, or the fact that I went to the gym and used their super-amazing massage chairs and hydro massage bed for roughly an hour while Jeff actually worked out… I deserved it, don’t judge. 🙂 Anyway, on Sunday, I went back to the gym with Jeff planning on hogging the massage chair again, but I ended up on the bike and got in about 20 miles at LOW intensity. I think the resistance was probably at a 1. So this might not even count as 20 miles, but I’m putting it here because my workout ego needs a boost today.

20 mile bike ride; 58:30 

Monday | May 23

I might be OCD. I’ve accepted this. I’m using a Nike+ coaching program to get ready for the Peachtree (not exactly doing a good job of following it–whatevs), and my week actually ends on there on Mondays, since the race will be on a Monday. So, typically these are my rest days, but I was two miles short on running for that week, so I forced myself to squeeze in a run.

This happened after my pathetic attempts to force Jeff to take a selfie with me in a parking lot.

He likes me. I just know it.

Anyway, we are joining a bowling league this summer! So while we were waiting for the organizational meeting to start, we naturally had to kill some time by taking the those beautiful photos. We’ll start bowling next Tuesday in a handicap league (apparently that’s good for horrible bowlers like me)! After the meeting, we went to the gym and I got in a couple slow, easy miles on the ‘mill before calling it quits.

2.10 miles; 21:16; 10:08 pace

Tuesday | May 24

After work on Tuesday, I went straight to the gym from work for about an hour of abs, back, chest, and arms work. Holy moly! I reaaaaallllyy need to get in some more strength while I’m on break this summer. That night was Aiken Running Club’s monthly meeting. We met up in the parking lot of a local Mexican restaurant and headed out for a few miles before eating dinner and talking club business.

3.23 miles; 31:46; 9:50 pace

Wednesday | May 25

Isn’t it wonderful when your new shoes come in? I came home to these beautiful Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16s on my doorstep. I’d say it was time for an update.

Wednesdays are my speedy days. On the schedule this week was a five mile progression run. I wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to fulfill that “progressive” part since I was running in the neighborhood, which is hilly, in the late afternoon, which is HOT right now. But I set out for my first mile at an easy pace, then put in three miles at a negative split, and finished with an easy cooldown. My paces were pretty decent and it was great to get back on the hills! I ran almost exclusively on them throughout the winter and early spring, but I’ve been changing my route up the past few weeks on mostly flat terrain. I’d call this one a success!

5.00 miles; 49.29; 9:51/9:48/9:39/9:17/10:53

Thursday | May 26

I skipped Thursday. I was supposed to do just three easy miles, but it was just one of those days where life interfered. I was scheduled for an oil change at 3:15, immediately after work, but 4:00 rolled around and they still hadn’t taken my car back. Sorry, I’m about to go off on a rant here, but what is the point of an appointment if I’m going to have to wait TWO HOURS anyway?!? Yes, I was there for two hours. I had planned on running a bunch of other errands, cooking dinner, and getting a run in, but instead settled on just getting one errand finished (a car wash) and eating my feelings with Jeff at one of our favorite local spots, Aiken Brewing Company. I felt slightly guilty but was still so frustrated at not getting my stuff done earlier that I didn’t feel too bad.

Friday | May 27

IMG_5950 (1).JPG

Friday was our LAST FULL DAY of school! This week, we’re off Monday for Memorial Day and Tuesday-Thursday we’ll dismiss at 10:30. One of those days is field day, one is cleaning day, and one is PARTY day! Let the fun commence!

After work, I went straight to the gym for legs and a bike ride. I used a hilly setting on the bike at a medium intensity for about 10 miles, then worked on lower body strength, which was tough, but it felt awesome to put those legs to work on something besides forward motion!

10 miles; 37:29; legs 

Saturday | May 28

I skipped my run….again. I had three miles on the agenda, but Jeff was heading out of town that afternoon and I wanted to hang out with him before he left. I had a project to work on after he hit the road.


Painting! Our house was is in no way a fixer-upper, but it does need some cosmetic updating. First up: paint! I think the walls have the original, builder-grade paint on them still from 2008 when the house was built. The walls absolutely soaked up the first coat and the second coat dried quickly, too. I planned on holding off on any painting until summer break, but I got a burst of inspiration this week when Lowes had a sale on paints for buy one, get one 50% off.

First I tackled our back hallway.

The left is before… It’s hard to tell, but the walls were white and extremely scuffed up. I’ve ordered this shelf to hang leashes, purses, etc., but I can already tell a huge difference. It’s much more welcoming!

Next up was the eat-in kitchen. I haven’t yet decided on a color for the actual kitchen, but I loved this shade in the hallway and decided to extend it.


I also added these woven baskets for some extra spice. As you can see in the kitchen photos, the sunroom is LIME green and will be the next room painted in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see the transformation in that room, but for now I’m happy enjoying this update. The paint is helping this place feel more like “ours”.

So, a day of running skipped, but I was definitely active climbing all over the place for the 8 hours it took me to do this project.


I also skipped my run on Sunday (yesterday), but with the Runner’s World Summer Streak starting today, I’m feeling okay with the run guilt because I know I’ll be making up those miles. I’m in a challenge that Megan invited me to with runner women from all over the country, so that should definitely help with my accountability! I needed these few days off from running to get excited and rested before the streak.

  • Are you streaking this summer?
  • Do you ever experience runner guilt? How do you deal with it?


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3 thoughts on “Slacking, Streaking, and Other Summery Notions

  1. Your home updates look nice! A little paint can go a long way. Hope the last week of school went well for you. I started teaching Summer school yesterday. It’s just half days Monday-Thursday for the month of June. I’d get bored sitting around all summer long. I am doing the RW Summer Streak too. I only made it 17 days last summer before getting the stomach bug, so I’m hoping to redeem myself this year.


  2. Great job on the progression run. I’m even more impressed because I know it was hot too! I really like the new paint color. I thought about the run streak, but I’m supposed to be resting before starting marathon training. My problem is…the 1 mile would turn in to more. Every Day. How exciting to have your whole summer vacation ahead of you! As a teacher, you deserve a wonderful break. Thanks for linking with us Julia!


  3. I like your eat in kitchen area…Cute! Great job on your wk of workouts. I love getting new shoes in the mail too. I recently just got a new pair of Brooks Launch. I only havewore them once, bc it has been rainy here. Is it bad I don’t want to wear my new shoes when I know they will just get all muddy on the trails? Haha


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