Weekly Workout Recap No. 4

Hello, Friends! It’s time for another weekly recap hosted by Run Megan Run. Click on over to join in the fun! (<— I should quit my day job to become a poet.)


April 17-23

Sunday | 6 miles easy

After the AG5K trail race on Saturday, I was looking to take it easy with six miles through downtown Aiken. Jeff and I parked at the library, which I really need to get a picture of because it’s this beautiful brick mansion turned book haven. Is there anything more wonderful than that? Possibly, and that would be running through downtown Aiken. Think: flat, wide roads with medians lined with “winter colony cottages” (AKA mansions). It’s the best, and it made me even more excited for the Run United half this weekend! We didn’t end up making it out until about 2:30, so it was pretty hot out. Jeff went for a couple of miles (he’ll be doing the Run United 5k this Saturday) and I kept on going. We ended up meeting at The Pizza Joint after I was finished. It’s funny because when he texted me to say he would meet me at the restaurant, I wasn’t bothered at all. Then I realized: dang, my fiance expects me to go ON FOOT to meet him for food. This would have made me semi-irate a year ago, but the first thought to cross my mind was: sweet! I won’t be pressured to cut my run short!”. I’m basically a butterfly that has undergone metamorphosis. 😉

6.30 miles; 1:00; 9:37 pace 

Monday | Rest or 3 miles easy

Knowing that the rest of the week was going to be incredibly hectic, I hurried home right after work to fit in 3 miles before we had a meeting with our wedding coordinator. It was HOT, since I left at about 3:45, but after a cold shower, it was off to the Church — we’re six months out from the big day!

3.00 miles; 26:54; 8:58 pace

Tuesday | 5 miles

Looking to avoid the peak heat of Monday’s run, I held off until after dinner to run through the neighborhood. Perfection!

5.14 miles; 48:44; 9:29 pace

Wednesday | 3 miles

I had a feeling that I was going to be too distracted on Wednesday to run, and I was right! I had the First Year Teacher of the Year banquet after school, and needless to say, running was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do after my family left to head back to Hilton Head. This was the first run day (aside from optional rest/run Mondays) that I skipped during this training cycle, so I don’t feel bad…at all. 🙂

Thursday | 5 miles

Once again, I had something going on Thursday night, so I headed out at about 3:45 to get my miles in. However, it was a lot cooler out than the forecast predicted, and it was nice to stretch out after taking off on Wednesday. I seem to subconsciously run faster when I know I need to be somewhere later!

5.00 miles; 45:19; 9:04 pace

Friday | Rest

Fridays are for groceries, chores, and date nights. 🙂 Jeff and I went downtown to a couple of restaurants for Aiken’s Earth Day festivities.

Saturday | 10 miles

I overslept Saturday, and by the time I was ready to run, it was HOT. I wanted to be able to enjoy my last long run before the race, and it was also the day of our neighborhood yard sale, which I didn’t want to miss. I instead set out in the afternoon (what is up with me and the peak of heat lately?!) for five miles that I told myself I’d do at an easy pace, and make up the long run in the morning While I wasn’t totally knocked out after, I definitely was fast. I may have the fact that I had plans for that night to thank. Either way, my pacing last week has got me pumped for this Saturday!

5.00 miles; 45:28; 9:05 pace


I’m feeling very optimistic about Saturday. With 84.2 miles finished at the time of this post, this has been my highest mileage month ever, and I will finally crack 100 miles on Saturday! Woohoo! I splurged on a new *sparkly* running outfit, and that combined with how flat this course will be makes me confident that I can beat my goal of 2:10 (hopefully by a lot!). I don’t think I’ll be doing any more halfs this year due to the heat and wedding planning stress, so this is going to be my time to meet my goal for 2016. All the details will be on here this weekend! 🙂

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