A Major Award


While not frag-ee-lay, I did receive a major award this week, and my head is still spinning from it.


I am officially Aiken County’s First Year Teacher of the Year for 2015-2016! I know, let’s rewind for a moment. Back in February, I learned I was my school’s First Year TOTY, and then went on to the district level. On Wednesday, we had our county-wide induction meeting/FYTOTY banquet. I was excited for it, but I had no idea I would play any important role in the reception. Earlier last week, our Superintendent walked into my classroom while I was wearing a coffee-stained floppy hat and [attempting] to teach double-digit addition to a small group. I about melted into the chair on the spot when he asked me how my Spring Break was. I think I mumbled something about getting to visit my mom [which was fun! Yay for girl time].

Fast forward to this Wednesday, when I was sitting at the reception with my principal and guidance counselor, listening to speeches from our Super, the current FYTOTY, and our induction coordinator. I felt a little nervous, but more anxious to find out if I had made it to the honor court. I did! As we stood there on stage, I felt kind of really awkward. I am used to having fourteen pairs of non-judgemental, innocent eyes on me, not a room full of adult eyes. While it sounds cliche, the next few moments passed in a blur. There were words about passion, children, and the future, and the next thing I knew, my name was announced, and the speaker thanked my fiance and family for being there.

Sorry–WHAT? I turned around and saw Jeff, my Mom, and John behind me. And I cried a little bit. Aside from getting engaged, it was one of the most overwhelming days of my life. I made the front page of the newspaper! I also was videotaped while still in shock, and gave some truly articulate answers to the questions (LOL JK!!).


So, needless to say, I skipped my run that day. The immense honor of this award is starting to truly sink in, and it’s making me so appreciative of the support that Jeff and my family have given me this year. It also doesn’t hurt to have such a sweet group of little people to tackle each day with. 🙂

Googling myself now leads to something more than my family history project from college. It now leads to the Superintendent’s TWITTER?! I feel like a celeb. Don’t worry, this won’t go to my head, because I have a bunch of six year olds to keep me grounded by reminding me of my permanent hair flyaways, occasional coffee dribbles, and other embarrassing/awkward/etc. things that regular humans don’t mention in polite conversation (such as the fact that it is weird that I have eggs in my salad at lunch or that I drink an entire Yeti cup –AND REFILL IT–daily). I will say, though, that there is nothing more precious than having a munchkin ask for your autograph to add to her princess collection. Who needs pretty dresses and Prince Charming when you can have good books and problem solving?

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