Weekly Workout Recap No. 3 and Amazing Grace 5K Recap


Hello, Friends! It’s time for another weekly recap hosted by Run Megan Run. Click on over to join in the fun! (<— I should quit my day job to become a poet.)

April 11-16

Monday | Rest or 3 Miles Easy

Monday was the first day back at school from Spring Break, and I was feeling about as exhausted as I expected after work. Jeff also left Monday morning to go to California for work for the week, so I was just feeling super unmotivated. I worked a bit on the house/yard for my Aunt’s visit the next day and contemplated life on the couch, because I’m a teacher and it’s April.

Tuesday | 5 miles

My Aunt came down Tuesday after work for a quick visit, so I headed out around dinnertime for my run around the neighborhood. I had to cut this one short, though, because we had a thunderstorm in the forecast and it looked seriously threatening about halfway through. I brought my phone with me and didn’t want it to get soaked, so I booked it home. I guess that’s one way to pick up the pace! This was my fastest 5k yet. Too bad it wasn’t in a race!

3.12 miles; 27.27; 8:50 pace (!!!) 

Wednesday | 3 miles–speedwork

Since I was short on Tuesday’s miles, I decided to get 5 in on Wednesday after our faculty meeting. Again, I was really pleased with my pace. I’m not sure if it had something to do with it being testing season at school, or if I was just bored with Jeff being gone, but it’s like everything clicked this week.

5.01 miles; 45:26; 9:04 pace

Thursday and Friday | Rest

I spent these two days catching up on paperwork for school, wedding planning, and getting chores done so I wouldn’t have to worry about them over the weekend. I may have been taking advantage of “tapering” for the trail 5K I ran on Saturday, but oh well. It seems to have worked in my favor. 🙂

Saturday | Amazing Grace 5K Trail Race

I decided to run this race because it’s part of a new three-part race series in Aiken (next will be the Run United Half and Triple Crown 10-Miler). Runners who participate in all three will receive a special prize, which I hear is supposed to be a really nice shirt. We’ll see. 🙂 This was the first race I went to by myself, as Jeff didn’t get home until Saturday night. I hadn’t run this trail before, but it was so beautiful! I got some quick pictures on my phone before and after, but they won’t download to my computer for some reason. 😦 Anyway, it wasn’t a huge race, but it was very well put together. I really enjoyed the trails and it helped that the organizers spray painted all of the protruding roots bright orange. 😉 I wanted to really push myself this race since I rested two days beforehand. It worked! I forgot to turn off my watch (again), so I’m showing a total distance of 3.14 miles in 29:02. It wasn’t close to my goal 5k for this year of 27:00, but the fact that it was on a trail makes me completely fine with this. I actually ended up taking first in females 20-29! My new runner friend Missy (who is a total beast) also took first in her division.


I’m not sure how I did overall–the results haven’t been posted yet. However, this is definitely a race I’ll plan to do again next year.

I’m officially two weeks out from my next half and I’m feeling really optimistic about my 2:10 goal (my goal for the year, actually). I ordered a new outfit for it last night online, which we all know is almost a guarantee of a PR. Right? I have no hopes of placing in this race, as last year’s runners were absolutely amazing. There is something comforting about knowing I don’t have a chance at competing against the other runners, because it will allow me to focus completely on bettering myself. I’m so excited! Hopefully, I will fit in 100 miles this month for the first time EVER. I’m up to 58.1 as of today, which is a pretty big thing for me, especially balanced with work and wedding planning (and, of course, my fur babies).

Here’s to another week of running in this BEAUTIFUL spring weather!

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