Weekly Workout Recap No. 3

Another week, another recap! This one is coming later than usual thanks to a post-spring-break fog that I am having some serious difficulties shaking off. However, last week was a great one for training! Head on over to Run Megan Run to join in the fun!


April 3-10

Sunday | Cross

Instead of getting in my cross training last Sunday, I opted to do my long run thanks to some nasty rain on Saturday, which you can read about here if you’re that nosy. 😉

Monday | Rest or 3 Miles Easy

I was visiting my mom last week, so I chose to rest on Monday– a rest day well spent, because we were able to find her dress for my wedding! We also found my bridal shoes and went out on a lunch date. It was so great to spend some mother-daughter time together before I headed back home the next day!

Tuesday | 5 mile run

I arrived back in Aiken around lunchtime, and after getting the house cleaned up from Jeff’s brief bachelor stint, I headed out for some miles around the neighborhood. I took it pretty slow, but I did sneak in an extra lap around the block. I’d call it a success!

5.5 miles; 54:48; 9:58 pace

Wednesday | 3 mile fartlek

Heh… Fartlek (I spend too much time with six-year-olds). This week’s speed day was one song easy, one song harder. Of course, I listened to Pandora’s Rap Strength Training Radio, which makes me feel like I’m basically a rapper/Olympian/tabloid regular. It was fast. It was fun. Also, I feel like Taylor Swift and I could be running buddies.

3.01 miles (because that .01 matters); 27:23; 9:06 pace

Thursday | 5 mile run

Nothing like rushing to go out for some Masters people-watching to make you run faster!

5.00 miles; 47:00; 9:24 pace

Friday | Rest

This rest day was dedicated to our first Braves game of the season. Oh — and my first-ever “sausage sundae.” This is an actual thing you can order at Turner Field.

FullSizeRender (44).jpg

In case you’re wondering, the sundae contains a sausage cut in half lengthwise, pulled pork, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and a cherry tomato. Also, yes, you will hate yourself yet love America while eating this creation.

Saturday | 12 mile long run

We headed to Peachtree City on Saturday afternoon to run on the 9,569,070 miles of golf cart paths (maybe not quite, but close). It was so nice to run on pavement without having to dodge oncoming cars, with the exception of a couple of rogue teenagers basking in the freedom of going 30 miles an hour in the open air.

FullSizeRender (42)

My plan was to stick close to Lake Peachtree since I read it is about 4 miles around, but I couldn’t figure out how to get all the way around, so I tried my best to do an out-and-back. I still got lost. Oops. The trail was shady, though, which helped temper the constant hills I encountered once I veered away from the lake. I was about to stop at mile 10, but then I remembered that lovely sausage concoction, and decided I like longevity too much.

12 miles; 2:05:22; 10:27 (<—obviously sausage sundaes are not ideal run fuel… oops)

I’d have liked to be faster on the long run, but I’m just telling myself that pigging out over break, getting slightly lost, and dealing with hills the entire time had an effect on my times. At least, I’m hoping that’s true, because my next half is only a few weeks away! Thankfully, this one is in Aiken and I’m thinking it’s going to be very flat, especially compared to Atlanta and Augusta.

Despite the slowness, my knee/IT band have been feeling awesome this week. Hooray! I was getting extremely frustrated with feeling pain after a few miles, but stretching/yoga/foam rolling seems to be helping a ton. Hopefully it continues!

And there it is! 25.51 miles last week. April is shaping up with some nice miles. I’m thinking this will be my highest-mileage month yet! So long as I don’t completely give up on all things running or have a spontaneous injury, I think I might crack 100 miles for the first time EVER. Ah!

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