Race Recap: 4 Leaf Clover 5K


Is there anything better than racing in a tutu? I may have been singing a different tune after running the Peachtree last year in a rain-soaked, sagging bunch of netting, but this race was a blast. Jeff and I signed up for this local race in its first year wanting a fun run. We got it! I think I spent more on my costume than I did on my registration fee… πŸ™‚

Despite just getting over strep throat and dealing with horrible pollen problems, I did pretty well! It wasn’t my best time by far, but something about looking down and seeing a blur of green made we want to run faster (either that or the promise of tissues and water at the finish line). My final chip time was 28:53:46–seven seconds behind Jeff, which he is sure to not let me forget. However, I did end up taking home third in my age group! Jeff captured the attention of the costume judges and wound up winning a gift card to Mellow Mushroom for his fabulous outfit (I swear it was all in that breathtaking unicorn shirt). I also won a free raffle for a gift card to Fresh Market. It was a great race for us and I definitely plan on coming back out next year!

I forgot to turn on my watch right away and was walking around for a little bit afterwards before I remembered to turn it on (oops!), so my splits are a bit off.

Mile 1 –> 8:30 (???!! no wonder I crashed and burned…)

Mile 2 –> 9:53

Mile 3 –> 9:51

Mile 3.1 –> 1:45

So obviously that doesn’t add up to what my chip time was, but it’s relatively close. I knew about a half mile in that I was going too fast, and my knee started hurting again about 2 miles in. I’ve been struggling with some pain the past 3 weeks since the Augusta University Half with what I think is in my IT band. The plan is to maintain my distances, slow down, incorporate strength, and actually force myself to adequately warm up/cool down/foam roll every run. I think a huge part of my problem is that I’ve been jumping right into my runs and immediately getting started on dinner when I get home. I took Saturday and Sunday off of running and just worked on some strength. I’m up to a little over 8 miles so far this week with no pain, so let’s hope that continues!

The highlight of the weekend was definitely finding our picture in the local paper the next morning.

And in case you’re looking for something teacher-y… A new literacy center game is up! You can find itΒ here.

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