Life Lately

Hi there! Remember me? It’s only been four months. Four VERY busy months. A quick life update is in order.


Well, there was a huge life change in October that pretty much consumed all of my time. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

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We closed on our house on Halloween weekend, but we had been looking since early July (right before we got engaged). I had told Jeff before that I didn’t want to take this step until we were married or close to it, so when he suggested we start looking, I was skeptical. House hunting was fun but the inspections, negotiations, and financial aspect…were not. I’ll do a longer post soon about it all!


I finished my first half marathon in 2:16:33!

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It wasn’t as fast as I had hoped, but I finished it! I learned two very important lessons that day:

1.) My running shoes were horrible for my feet and I had lovely 3-inch long blisters on my insoles for about a month after. Fun. (I have since switched shoes).

2.) Don’t wear leggings, a t-shirt, and a jacket to run because you will overheat and have to stop two miles in to take off your bib and jacket, tie your jacket around your waist, and re-pin your bib to your shirt.

December – Now

The holidays kept me busy and I recently started for half marathon #2–coming up this Sunday! I’ll be running the Augusta Half Marathon. I’m not feeling super confident about this one for two reasons:

1.) A tweaky left knee

2.) An elevation profile that looks like this:

Also… Our family grew!


Lady is about seven months old and we found her at the SPCA on a whim. We had spent the day in Columbia meeting with wedding DJs and decided to stop by the shelter on the way home just to see the furbabies. I think it was love at first sight for Jeff. She is definitely a daddy’s girl!

And finally…I was awarded First Year Teacher of the Year at my school!


Talk about a huge honor! I don’t think I’m alone, especially as a first-year teacher, when I say that sometimes I wonder if I’m doing this whole teaching thing right. This definitely gave me a confidence boost at this slightly stressful time of year.

So, I’ve been gone for a while, but it’s all been for some pretty good reasons. Here’s to hoping the next few months are just as joyful but maybe a little less crazy. 🙂

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