Classroom Tour 2015-2016!

Whew! It has been a whirlwind two weeks. The beginning of the school year is sort of like Chinese takeout rice: the more you finish, the more there seems to be left. I started casually working on my room two weeks ago, but last week I got Back to School Fever and devoted all of my time to my classroom. You know how it is. I was squeezing in an hour here and there after district workshops, printing and Pinteresting until all hours of the night, questioning my life/classroom choices. Tomorrow is my last day of pre-planning before the kiddos arrive on Monday, and I think I’m pretty much set. All that’s left to do is prep for my lessons, put together backpack tags, and type up some beginning-of-year paperwork. I’m waiting to put nametags and number labels on my tables until Tuesday when my roster is set.

Our school is turning 80 this year, so we’re celebrating with a Hollywood theme! I figured since I have a totally clean slate in my room, I’d coordinate it with the school theme. Some of the products you’ll see in my pictures are ones I made using personal licenses (so they aren’t in my TpT store), and some I purchased from other teacher-authors. You’ll find the link to each product below the picture showing it.

And now… Lights, camera, action! 
Previously, that back wall in the picture above was a green chalkboard with a hunk of showerboard bolted in the middle. With the help of one of the veteran teachers on my AMAZING team, we tore that down and repainted with black chalkboard paint!     Students, parents, and families stopped in yesterday after registration to check out our room, fill out interest inventories, and grab a wishlist star. 🙂

Small group/intervention table…Where the magic happens!

I have a fully functioning SmartBoard. It’s a beautiful thing.
  My behavior/control center board has a transportation clip chart, rules, rewards, noise control and question sign language banners, and popcorn bags to hold good behavior tickets (more on this later). I noticed after the picture was taken that the banner on the left’s parts are out of order. Oops. That’s summer brain for ya.

I ❤ Dollar Tree.
Our reading nook and writing center. And some of my lovely storage.

Yeah, still need to put paper in those trays…
  The view from the rug.

 I’m totally excited about this. I had two of these carts last year in third grade for our interactive notebooks. However, first grade will be different, so I chose to put a cart at each table this year that will hold all the materials for each day. I’ll have six students at each table. I hot glued a plastic cup in the center of a pencil tray (another idea from a different veteran teacher on my AWESOME team!). Each child will have one pencil and one pair of scissors in the cup and one glue stick on their side of the basket. This way, no one is playing with their scissors and making confetti in/under their desk. 🙂

I made a few changes after these pictures were taken, starting with my messed-up sign language banner. I also hot glued number tags for my backpack hooks and hung paper hangers from my ceiling tiles for an activity we’ll be doing on Monday. I’m sure I’ll be making more changes to it in the coming weeks, but this is a great room. I don’t have an attached bathroom, so in its place I have extra storage. Right now, it’s mostly empty, since I haven’t amassed a lot of “stuff” yet, but that should change this year. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having flooring instead of carpet. The awesome maintenance team put tennis balls on the bottom of all our desks and chairs, so we’ll be quiet and scratch-free! 🙂

If you’re interested in the products you saw above, here they are! The majority of my classroom decor is from one of Clutter Free Classroom‘s decoration bundles, which I highly recommend.

My classroom decor resources:

Clutter Free Classroom Bundle

Writing Center Bundle

Daily Five Clip Chart


What theme are you doing in your classroom this year? Do you change your theme yearly? I’d love to hear your two cents in the comments below!

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