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I’m excited to be joining in on the fun over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first linky party! Five for Friday is a weekly post where bloggers write about five favorite memories, products, or happenings from the week and link up back at Doodle Bugs Teaching. Here goes!


Awkward Photo Poses

Raise your hand if you feel like you see pictures of yourself always in the same pose or two. You know, the hand-on-hip pose (AKA the skinny arm)? Right before this photo was taken of us last weekend, I decided to [attempt to] spice things up and go for the old-school prom pose. The result was some awkward “I don’t know what to do with my hands” look. Also it appears that Jeff might be attempting to bear hug me and throw me over the railing. I assure you, he didn’t. 😉


Outlet Malls 

Can I get an AMEN for outlet malls? While visiting my FullSizeRender (2)mother this week, we visited Tanger Outlets for some necessities cute bargains. Let’s face it: teachers may not get paid much, but we do know how to make the most of coupons, sales, and that beautiful thing known as a teacher discount. Seriously, J. Crew Factory has some amazing finds, and unlike some other outlet stores, their teacher discount still applies! I’d like to give this pair of earrings from New York & Company a special shout-out as well. These babies cost me $2.99. $2.99?!! I’m not sure what I’ll wear them with yet, but I’d have to be insane to turn that down.


Summer Reading

FullSizeRender (3)I feel like summer reading will probably remain on my Five for Friday posts until August. It’s finally the time of year when I have time to read as much as my heart desires! I first heard about Liane Moriarty from Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers. I’ve read other books recommended by Julie in the past and really enjoyed them, so I picked up The Husband’s Secret a couple weeks ago. After I finished it, I ordered What Alice Forgot from the library and haven’t been able to put it down. The author has a very witty style of writing and does a wonderful job using stream of consciousness to develop her characters. Next on tap after this book is Big Little Lies, also by Moriarty.


Runner’s World Yoga Center

I was never a runner…until this past New Years when Jeff decided we were going to run a 5K together. Once I got over the feeling that I was going to pass out and die while attempting to jog .5 miles, I realized something. I really like running. Disclaimer: I am by no means fast. There are senior citizens passing me on the regular. For me, it’s just about increasing my mileage and pushing myself to do something I never thought I would be able to. I recently discovered Runner’s World’s yoga page, and woah. It’s amazing. If you’re a runner, or just interested in some yoga videos that aren’t over-the-top “zen”, check it out!


My New TpT Freebie! 

Let’s talk about something else I’m slow at: making products for my TpT store. I realized yesterday that I haven’t loaded any new products since last November, prompting me to sit, brow furrowed, for over an hour making a 3-page document. Whatever. If you’re interested in downloading this FREEBIE, pop on over to it here. Please leave feedback! 🙂

       At a Glance Screenshot Checklist Screenshot Planning Page Screenshot


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