Edinburgh, Scotland

The Royal Mile

Happy Monday! It is a cold, rainy day here in Sheffield for our last Monday at our schools. I guess we needed to experience at least one of these classic English days before we head home next week!

This weekend, five other girls and I headed up to Edinburgh, the capitol of Scotland. After school, we booked it to Sheffield Station to catch the 4:20 train. Before we boarded, I grabbed a Cornish “pasty” filled with potatoes and cheese. Delicious! We spent the train ride working on our to-do lists… My big item that’s now crossed off: applying for a position with Bulloch County schools for next year!  The four-hour ride flew by, and before we knew it, we were in Edinburgh! The ride along the Scottish coast was absolutely breathtaking!

We found our hostel pretty easily, and it was super nice. We had a private room for 8, which was perfect because it have the six of us some extra space and two bathrooms. Friday night was spent wandering around the city and taking in the nightlife!

On Saturday, we woke up fairly early, excited to get our day started. After eating breakfast at the hostel’s restaurant, we headed out to cross some sights off our bucket lists. First up: the Royal Mile. This is one of the main roads in the city that has lots of shopping, and the famous Edinburgh Castle towers at one end of it. It’s called the Royal Mile because it was Princess Diana’s favorite place to shop.

After buying lots of souvenirs at some Scottish shops, we headed down to another famous Edinburgh area called Grassmarket. The area consists of a variety of stores selling everything from candy to clothes to Christmas specialties. We perished the shops and the open-air market that lies in the median of the main road, where we enjoyed many free samples! Yum! After that, we ate at a traditional Scottish pub for lunch… And no, I did NOT eat haggis. If you don’t know what haggis is, look it up… I can’t even type it! We all knew that haggis is a Scottish tradition, but we had no idea how common it was! We had trouble finding meal options without haggis or other variety meats, so I was kind of a vegetarian this weekend.

View from Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

After lunch, we hiked up to Edinburgh Castle. It was eerily beautiful! The views from the top were absolutely spectacular and allowed us to see the city as well as the countryside beyond. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the rest of the city, then returned to our room to get ready for dinner. After eating a tiny Italian restaurant (we were a bit scarred by all the haggis around us at the pub), we had a girls night back at the hostel.
On Sunday, we slept in… A bit too much, in fact, as we missed our check-out time! However, the proprietor was very nice and didn’t charge us any extra fees. Yay!
We went out for breakfast before boarding a train back to Sheffield. Our adventure didn’t stop there, though! We hopped off at the first stop in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, a seaside town on the border of England and Scotland. The village was so quaint! We enjoyed walking along a cliff overlooking the sea  score getting lunch and hopping back on the train home.

On the coast at Berwick-Upon-Tweed

All in all, it was a fabulous last weekend in England! This week will be our last in Sheffield. Friday, I will be headed to Dublin with three other girls, and then on Monday, I will leave for Rome! I can’t wait!

And for some other great news I received this weekend… My boyfriend, Jeff, interviewed in Pittsburgh for a big-boy job! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some good news!

And for your listening pleasure… A man we saw playing the bagpipes on the streets of Edinburgh! 



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