Friday in Derbyshire

On Friday, our host schools arranged for a field trip for just us student teachers to Derbyshire. Our trip consisted of a visit to the Peak District National Park, a village called Bakewell, and Chatsworth Estate. It was a beautiful day of sightseeing and taking in British culture!

The reservoir’s wall
The reservoir’s wall up close

Our morning started at about 9 A.M. with coffee and breakfast at Nosh, our favorite cafe that is just one block away from our apartment. Then, our hosts picked the twelve of us up and drove first to the Peak District National Park. This was my first time riding in a car over here; it took some getting used to seeing everything in reverse! Peak District was absolutely breathtaking and looked like something from a postcard. We spent about an hour exploring the property and hiking up to the top of a reservoir at the park. We all joked around that the huge wall looked like the Night’s Watch (Game of Thrones, anyone?!). 

The landscape consisted of rolling green hills dotted with adorable sheep!

After we had our fill of sightseeing at the Peak District, we headed out to our next stop: Bakewell, home of the famous Bakewell Pudding and Tart. We stayed at Bakewell for about an hour for some shopping and lunch. Three of the other girls and I went to a traditional English pub called the Red Lion. I ordered fish and chips with mushy peas. So British! After walking around the idyllic village, it was time for us to head to our last stop of the field trip: Chatsworth. 

Chatsworth: the main house and some of the grounds

The main path that led us
through the beautiful gardens

Chatsworth is a famous estate located in Derbyshire, and has been home to the Cavendish family, the Dukes of Devonshire, for sixteen generations! It’s a popular place for filming; in fact, Pride and Prejudice was filmed at the estate! It’s impossible to put into words how breathtaking the grounds and the house itself are. Visitors can pay to see the gardens, tour the house, or do both. Due to our travel plans to visit London, we opted to just see the gardens. It was well worth the cost and time! The grounds were absolutely pristine, and featured a huge rock garden with moss-covered boulders and rock formations, a garden maze, a gravity-powered fountain, and many statues. 

From the bottom of the hill…

Probably my favorite part of Chatsworth’s grounds was the waterfall-powered fountain. The waterfall begins at the very top of a massive hill, and flowed down over stone steps. Due to gravity, the flow of the water powered a huge fountain at the bottom of the hill. It was very interesting to learn about! We each took turns making a wish at the top of the waterfall after a very slippery and muddy hike to the top. 

To the top of the hill!


Just as we were finishing seeing all the gardens had to offer, the rain started to pour down. We finished our tour at the estate’s gift shop, and then it was time to continue on to our next adventure: London! My three roommates and I were dropped off at the Sheffield train station just in time to grab some comfort food at Burger King (ha-ha) and make the 5:30 PM train. 

Soon to come: our adventure in London! 

I was able to visit with my pal, Bilbo, at the rock garden!
Hopefully my wish will come true!

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