A Day Trip to York

Getting our morning started at the train station!
Excited to be in York with Brittany and Liz!
What started out as a failure in planning turned out to be a wonderful adventure this weekend! We originally wanted to go to London this weekend, but what little plans we had ended up falling through. However, this was probably for the better! 
We woke up early on Saturday morning and caught a train to York, England for the day. Several of us had been told by our teachers that York is an amazing place to visit, so we decided we’d wing it and check it out. Altogether, there were six of us girls on the trip. The train ride was about an hour and we spent it talking with some locals about our trip to the UK. When we arrived in York, we were astounded by how beautiful it was. The city is exactly how I pictured British cities before this trip! We spent the better part of our day simply wandering the streets, popping into cute local stores. There were many live bands playing on the streets, so we really enjoyed listening to them. We also posed with a human statue to raise money for cancer research. The most impressive sights to see, however, were the beautiful churches located around the city. The most notable of these was York Minster, which is the largest Gothic-style cathedral in Northern Europe. It was first begun building in 627 AD, and developed over the years into the stunning cathedral it is today. Before leaving, I made sure to light a candle in memory of my Dad, which I always do when visiting a new church. 
York Minster
After spending the morning and early afternoon exploring, we had “linner” at an adorable Italian restaurant called Jamie’s, which specializes in making fresh pasta each day. We had to wait about an hour for a table, but it was well worth it! 
After lunch, we managed to find what we thought was an actual, ancient dungeon, but the joke was on us when we realized it was a fake dungeon and total tourist gimmick. Oops. However, then we found the Castle Museum, which did have an actual dungeon used for 2,000 years! We had a great time exploring the dungeons and the other exhibits in the museum. We also learned about the history of Clifford’s Tower, which was part of the prison complex that contained the dungeons we toured. 
York Castle Prison
Clifford’s Tower (Can you see me?!)
After that, it started getting dark and chilly, so we decided to call it a day and head home. Our perfect day was topped off with a view of a vivid rainbow that we could see through the train window. What started out as a disappointing flop in plans turned out to be a fantastic and free-spirited day trip, and I am so thankful! 


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