Meeting the Lord Mayor!

Today, we had a very special opportunity that our amazing trip planners, Abi and Andrew set up for us. After going out to our respective schools for a bit, we headed back into Sheffield for our appointment. We had the chance to “take tea” in the Lord Mayor of Sheffield’s parlour at City Hall! 

Inside the Lord Mayor’s parlour
Outside City Hall
The Lord Mayor’s Parlour! 
Inside the City Hall lobby
The lobby of City Hall
City Hall
Inside the Lord Mayor’s Parlour

We all met and walked downtown to City Hall, which had absolutely gorgeous architecture. We learned more about the history and government of the city while we waited to meet the Lord Mayor. We were all a bit surprised to learn that the current Lord Mayor is actually a woman. Each Lord Mayor serves a one-year term, and is known as the “premier citizen” of the city. This means that the Lord Mayor takes precedence over all other citizens besides the Queen. The political party of the Lord Mayor changes from year to year. Before serving as Lord Mayor, the person will serve as Deputy Lord Mayor. Finally, if the Lord Mayor is a female, her husband is called the Lord Mayor Consul, and if the Lord Mayor is a male, his wife is called the Lady Mayoress. 

The Lord Mayor was so welcoming and down to earth, which helped us relax. We spent our breakfast practicing our curtsies, but luckily we didn’t need to make fools of ourselves! 

Posing with the Queen!
Inside the Lord Mayor’s Parlour!
Inside the lobby of City Hall
Signing the Lord Mayor’s guest book
All of us with the Lord Mayor!
Hanging out in City Hall’s council chambers

After having tea, learning more about the history of Sheffield, and chatting with the Lord Mayor, we went to another function that was happening in another party of City Hall. There was a Saint Patrick’s day celebration happening with live music. We listened to the music and speeches for a bit, then joined in dancing with the locals! I am constantly amazed by how friendly the people are here; we were immediately welcomed into the dancing by complete strangers. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting some thrift stores benefiting cancer research and Poundland, which is the British version of Dollar Tree. 

Tonight, we are celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day and our friend, Tamra’s 21st birthday! It is sure to be a fun night! 

I will be posting later in the week with more about my AMAZING field placement! 


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