Welcome to Sheffield!

Well, we are finally here! Our trip seemed like it would never get here, but I woke up this morning in Sheffield!

This past week has been a roller coaster. On Wednesday, I had a party with my students in Georgia. My mom and her boyfriend came to help out. The kids had cupcakes and juice, and some received citizen awards for having exemplary behavior while I taught them. They also each received a U.S.A. friendship bracelet; I brought some with me to England to give to my students here, too! My teacher also surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of yellow flowers, balloons, and a card. The kids each made me an adorable, heartfelt card. It was such a bittersweet day, but my students and teacher made me feel so loved!

Wonderful gifts! 

After school on Wednesday, I packed for my trip and went home for the night. It was so nice to just relax with my family and get all my paperwork ready for the trip. The next morning, I drove up to Atlanta and met Jeff at his fraternity house to give him his birthday present. That night, we went to Jeff’s parents’ house in Newnan for a little farewell dinner.

Friday was the official day of departure! We all met at the airport around 1:30 and went through security without a hitch. Our seats to Orlando were changed, but it all worked out on our second flight, which was AMAZING! I was a little nervous about flying over the Atlantic for the first time, but as soon as we found our seats, I was excited. Somehow, I ended up sitting between Brittany and Lindy, two other girls also doing ISO. We had a blast checking out the goody bags on our seats from the airlines and playing with our personal seat screens. Dinner was actually pretty good! After we eat, we each watched a movie on our personal screens. I FINALLY got to see Frozen, which was super precious! Sleeping on the flight wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but Saturday morning was still pretty rough.

England, here I come!
Dinner on the flight – veggie pasta, salad, a roll, and cheesecake! 

Brittany, Courtney, Tamra, and I before the flight! 

Brittany and I rocking the Virgin Atlantic eye masks! 

After our flight, we were supposed to take a tram to Manchester’s train station, but for some reason, no trams were running from the airport to the train station. After some confusion, we found a bus to take, then hopped on a train to Sheffield! The train ride went through some beautiful English countryside, complete with grazing sheep!

We weren’t able to check into our apartments until later in the afternoon, so we spent the late part of the morning and early afternoon at a nearby pub called the Beehive. We watched a rugby match and met some locals. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful!

The gorgeous view from our apartment!

To beat out jet lag, we persevered to stay awake until a normal bedtime. Right now, England is four hours ahead of home, so the time change hasn’t been completely awful. After we checked into our apartments, Tamra, Courtney, and I did some exploring of Sheffield. It is such an awesome city! Our apartments are in a very central location, and there is plenty of shopping places and restaurants. We ended the day going out to eat at a place called Yates, where we all shared different English dishes. One thing that has taken getting used to is that when at a restaurant, you don’t order from a server. Instead, you order from the bar and then the food is brought to your table. It’s also hard to find tables, because there aren’t seating hostesses.

Exploring Sheffield

Chef guy! 

Clock tower

Casually posing in a photo booth

Sheffield City Hall

Today, we went out for breakfast and went grocery shopping at Tesco, which is the English version of Walmart. We also explored Sheffield some more and found a beautiful park! Next weekend, we will be visiting London, so we spent the night cooking in and researching our plans.

Weston Park

Weston Park

Weston Park

Courtney and I at Weston Park

We will definitely be hitting up this place before we leave!
Brittany, Courtney, Tamra, Angel, Arria and I at the park! 

A statue in Weston Park

Tomorrow will be our first day at the schools. We will spend the morning there, and in the afternoon we have a special appointment planned! Stay tuned!


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